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Pasta Broccoli & Mozzarella

Pasta with Broccoli and Mozzarella cheese: a classic Italian dish, simple, tasty and rich to enjoy with all the family.


  • 2 Broccoli

  • 200g ViaVio Mozzarella

  • 500g Fusilli

  • Kakariki extra virgin olive oil

  • Garlic

  • Chili pepper

  • Salt & Pepper


1. Boil Broccoli in salty water till tender, drain and chop into small pieces

2. In a pan, fry some garlic with Kakariki extra virgin olive oil, add the broccoli and the chili pepper and cook for 5 minutes, stir with a wooden spoon.

3. Dice the Viavio mozzarella.

4. Boil water in a large pan with salt to cook your pasta "al Dente". Keep 1/2 cup of hot cooking water on the side for later.

5. Once Pasta is "al Dente", drain, mix in the broccoli and add the diced ViaVio mozzarella.

6. Add some of the hot cooking water to get a smooth mixture.

7. Stir for a few minutes till the mozzarella is melted and stringy.

Serve hot and BUON APPETITO!


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