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ViaVio makes a whey ricotta (as its meaning re-cooked), resulting in an extremely light, low-fat and fresh-tasting product. It is made with fully traceable local milk from A2-tested cows, It is presented and sold in the basket in which it is made, as is the Italian tradition.

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Fresh ricotta is a very versatile ingredient. It can be used when cooking both savoury and sweet dishes, and is also nice to serve as part of a light breakfast, or simply at the

end of a meal with fresh berries and a

drizzle of good quality honey.

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A great healthy option for breakfast or  desserts. We like it by itself or with honey and berries too. It comes in a nice little  glass jar that is 100% recyclable and you can re-use for your own preserves or handmade spreads.

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ViaVio’s all-natural rich and creamy yogurt. Made with fully traceable local milk from A2-tested cows, and an ancient traditional recipe from Italian Dolomites mountain villages.

Absolutely no preservatives and no sugar added – yet very delicious because of the amazing quality of the milk from our friends Oaklands Farm here in Nelson.

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Champion Award Winner at the Outstanding food awards 2021 Mascarpone is a velvety, smooth cream cheese made from cream. It can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes, providing a rich and creamy element.
At ViaVio we follow the traditional way, we make our Mascarpone with no added preservative, by gently heating the cream and then hand pouring it in a cheese cloth-lined colander to chill and strain delicatly for one day.

Ideal for spreads, sauces, risotto and last but not least Tiramisù!

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