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Caciocavallo, means "cheese on horseback" in italian, it gets its name from the manner in which the cheese is tied together with a rope and dangled over a wooden board to drain and age.


With continued ageing, the cheese picks up intense, earthy undertones and fruity aromas. Along the way, it turns from a milky white colour to a darker yellow and develops more profound tasting notes. ViaVio makes the traditional pear-like shaped Caciocavallo.


ViaVio also makes Smoked Caciocavallo using a cold smoking curing method.

This adds a subtle nuances of meaty and toasty flavor to the earthy undertones and fruity aromas of traditional Caciocavallo.

Smoked Caciocavallo

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Caciotta cheese is a semi-soft, fresh

cheese with a compact, firm, yet creamy

texture. It has a mild, milky, sweet, and tangy flavor.


An “everyday” cheese. Great in sandwiches and salads, yet very good melting cheese for pies, quiches and cooked dishes. Kids love it !



                                   Fontal was created in northern Italy, in the Alps

                  region in the 50’s to give the consumer a milder pasteurised option to Fontina (a strong raw milk alpine cheese). It takes its  characteristics from both Fontina and the Swiss Emmental – its name comes from these two cheeses.



Fontal is a very versatile cheese, perfect for melting in cooking or on cheese boards paired with light white wines.



Gorgonzola is the Italian blue cheese. Compared with other blue cheeses, it has a more delicate flavour and is extremely creamy and spreadable.

Gorgonzola is very versatile and perfect for use in risotto or pasta dishes, but should also not be overlooked served as a wedge on a cheese board.


Monello is a semi-hard cheese, aged for 2-3 months. It has a pleasant aroma with a unique pungent cheesy taste of rosemary and oregano. A touch of chilli gives you a surprise at the end - a true Mediterranean harmony.



Monello is best served on a 

cheese board.

Ricotta Salata/Salted

“Salata” means salted. Ricotta Salata is the stronger and savoury version of whey-made ricotta, which is pressed, salted and aged.


Ricotta Salata is milky white in colour, with a firm texture and salty taste. It is perfect in salads and ideal for crumbling or grating on to any dish.



Scamorza is dried mozzarella made using an ancient Italian  technique.





Scamorza has a deeper, more intense cheese flavour than halloumi and adds further interest to any dish. It can simply be heated and melted slowly on the BBQ then eaten warm (to avoid the cheese getting too hard). It matches very well with bruschetta, ham, eggplant, mushrooms and any cooked vegetable.

Sheep Milk Pecorino

Made from sheep milk, our Pecorino features a firm texture with a distinctive aromatic, sharp and nutty flavour.


It is ideal for cheese boards or most often used on pasta dishes. Also perfect combined with Parmigiano to make delicious Pesto.


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